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Testosterone Replacement Therapy is, commonly known as TRT, is the medical name for treating hypogonadism. Using pharmaceutical grade medication compounded in the United States and treated by licensed practitioners.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is 100% legal because it is managed by a licensed medical provider. When TRT becomes illegal is when testosterone is prescribed without being seen in-person by the prescribing provider. In short, it is illegal to receive medication from a provider through 100% telemedicine.

We have developed a system that abides by all rules in the states we are licensed in. By visiting one of our offices one time, the remaining portion of treatment is done via telemedicine. It saves you time, it saves you money, and it’s convenient.

When treating hypogonadism, every patient can differ on the time that it takes to notice differences. Most men notice changes on weeks 3-4 with mental cognition increasing, the late afternoon fog that clouds your thoughts. On weeks 6-8, energy levels start to increase and by week 16, you should be at your optimal dose and notice changes in most of your symptoms.

Safety is always the first thought in mind for any of our staff members. TRT with Mantality Direct is managed by licensed physicians and medical providers that are trained in treating hormone imbalance.

Most issues arise in TRT when it is administered incorrectly or illegally. With consistent monitoring and safe usage, we have developed a formula for optimization.

It can depend on age, weight and hormone status at the time your levels are checked. Once we find your optimal levels we test every three months.

We run a comprehensive set of lab tests including both total testosterone and free testosterone. We also run a set of labs to check a range of other things to make sure that the body is good and healthy prior to and during treatment.

Medical science is starting to recognize that men also have hormone issues as they age. It is not uncommon for physicians to prescribe estrogen for women who have been diagnosed as estrogen deficient. Now physicians realize the same pertains to men. If men have low testosterone levels, treating these patients with optimal levels improves quality of life and health.

There are a few complications that will be explained to you at your examination. These side effects are typically only if the dosage is too much, which is why we take extreme caution to ensure you will not be receiving more than needed to achieve the optimal clinical outcome.

We are licensed in Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Missouri (MO), Nebraska (NE), and Wisconsin (WI).

During your initial visit, you have the opportunity to get blood work. The blood work and physical exam can be covered by insurance with a co-pay (if you have no remaining deductible).

We do accept HSA plans as well as Cafeteria plans. They work just like credit or debit cards and you are billed directly through a medical company so the reimbursements can apply and they’re tax free!

It always depends on the patient and their pain tolerance. The shots are intramuscular and, for most patients, are not painful.

Between your consultation and your lab work, you will see the provider for a physical examination. They are always available by phone and email.

Absolutely not. Speak with your primary care physician before beginning the testosterone therapy since some medications may require adjustments. We are not your primary care doctor so we do recommend that you inform your doctor about starting testosterone replacement therapy.

Yes. While every patient’s treatment plan is unique based on their lab work, we do use clomid to continue natural production. While we do use this to allow the administered testosterone to stack on top of their natural production, we do not require the use of this.

We do not. Human growth hormone (HGH) was used for anti-aging in the past, but it has been under increased scrutiny by many of the medical and legal professionals for a variety of reasons.

Side effects can be serious due to improper dosing. Most professional sports regulatory bodies have prohibited the use of growth hormone. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), growth hormone can only be used for AIDS or AIDS-related symptomatology or adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Otherwise, its use is prohibited under federal law.

Because of the many challenges with growth hormone and the fact it is only legal to prescribe for those above issues, we have discovered an alternative. Sermorelin is a polypeptide compound that, when administered, does not supply growth hormone to the body. Instead, it stimulates your body’s production of natural growth hormone and can be thought of as a growth hormone stimulator.

Sermorelin increases your HGH by stimulating the pituitary gland and, because of that, it has certain advantages over HGH that include:

Because your body will produce more growth hormone from Semorelin, your body’s regulatory mechanisms will prevent the growth hormone spike from getting too high.

It is a more natural way to increase growth hormone response in a manner that is similar to how growth hormone is released during a normal day/night cycle.

It stimulates your brain – specifically the pituitary – to produce more growth hormone. This process typically declines in normal aging and, by providing this stimulus, helps keep the pituitary active and healthy.

We offer Sermorelin, which is a peptide that stimulates the body to produce growth hormone. This is a separate and distinctive treatment from testosterone therapy. However, there is empire evidence to support the synergistic effect of these two combined therapies.

We generally treat men that are 30 years or older who have specific, diagnosed health concerns and low lab values. We require our patients to have a primary care doctor who will assess their overall health.

We’ve created a tutorial that shows you how to do so! It can be found here.

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