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Food that Powers Testosterone

Testosterone production is crucial for helping men maintain a healthy lifestyle. One in four U.S. adult men aged 30 and older suffer from low testosterone. (ABC News) Testosterone replacement therapy is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s helping men of all ages regain a vibrant hormone balance.

There are also several foods that can naturally increase your testosterone levels. While your body’s testosterone levels may be naturally declining, a change in diet to include zinc and Vitamin D and reduce cortisol, the “stress” hormone, can all boost your body’s testosterone. Consider adding these simple foods to your diet and see how your body responds.


Vitamin C can help reduce cortisol, which is shown as a direct contributor to stress and lowering testosterone. A little O.J. or even a snack of orange slices can be a great addition to any diet throughout the day.


Not only are beans high in protein and low in calories, they’re also high in zinc. With so many varieties of beans available, have some fun finding a type of bean that fits your taste buds and gives you the zinc boost your testosterone needs.


It’s expensive, but it’s worth it! Shrimp is jam-packed with Vitamin D and protein. Consider trading beef for shrimp once a week to reduce the strain on cardiovascular health while also naturally increasing testosterone.


If it’s good enough for the strapping Popeye, it’s good enough for a dude with low testosterone. Spinach is very high in Vitamin C and magnesium, which also may boost testosterone production. Spinach also combats cortisol, the true knock-out punch of Popeye. Trade spinach for lettuce once a week and start flexing in your fight against low T!

TRT and dietary advice from the Low T St. Louis

Changing your diet to naturally increase testosterone is a great step in the right direction. However, for many men with low T (hypogonadism), a change in diet may not be enough. Our Low T St. Louis team provides the latest in TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to help your body recover to healthy, normal testosterone levels within only a few rounds of treatment.

Our Low T St. Louis team has created a FREE eBook available here for instant download to help you learn more about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). This eBook can help you get the answers you need when considering treatment. Our board-certified physicians are here to help you start treatment safely and effectively to live the life you want.

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