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Low T, the Extinction of Man

Low T St Louis
The environment Changed – They Did Not

Is it possible for men (or at least manliness) to become extinct? What makes a men uniquely male . . . testosterone. When testosterone b begins to drop with age, andropause, it causes a condition known as low T. Reducing our testosterone in us men takes the edge of of our physiology, turns the wattage down on our drive, and makes us take a back seat in life. If we are just sleepwalking through life. We may has well be extinct.

I loved dinosaurs. Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed reading about these massive beasts that seemed invincible. It is difficult to wrap my head around the power and strength they must have possessed but were then suddenly gone. How is that possible? One thing is obvious . . . when the environment you live in starts to change . . . you can adapt or become extinct.

Andropause, or decreased testosterone in men, is on the rise. Men suffering from andropause or low T is becoming more common. In fact, we are seeing younger St Louis Missouri men every day in our offices with blood tests that confirm that their testosterone is indeed clinically low. When testosterone drops, it causes decreased energy, muscle weakness, decreased muscle mass, sleep disturbances, decreased libido and diminished sexual performance.

There are many reasons for a spike in low T: decreased physical activity, genetics, and the physical activity of our world does not put demands on men’s muscle groups as in the past.

Similar to the dinosaurs, our environment is changing via environmental estrogens.

Environmental Estrogens are synthetic substances that when absorbed into the body, function similarly to estrogen. They’re found just about everywhere and actually, they are difficult to avoid. They’re in plastics and easily leach into plastic-wrapped foods. They’re in pesticides, detergents, preservatives, and even in carpets. As hormone disruptors, they cause some serious problems such as decreased testosterone.

We are not as physically powerful as the dinosaurs, but we do have a superior ability to adapt to environmental changes. We are able to help men keep their testosterone at healthy levels through:

Decrease Excess Estradiol (Estrogen) In Your Blood Stream
Increase Blood Bio-Identical Testosterone
Increase Natural Testosterone Production
Increase “Free T” – the testosterone bound up in the blood
Use powerful weight loss medications to wipe out the stored fat.
We have written a survival guide for men . . . “How to Safely Monitor Testosterone Treatment” available for instant download. This guide will help you monitor your care. Contact us to find out if your environment is effecting your physiology. One blood test can tell us your testosterone and estrogen levels . . . from there we can help you thrive.

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