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Natesto nasal gel shows promise in testosterone treatment

Trimel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently unveiled the Phase III clinic trial results for its new NATESTOTM testosterone nasal gel at the 2015 Endocrine Society Meeting in San Diego. It is the only FDA-approved (May 2014) nasal testosterone replacement therapy and has already produced significantly positive clinical results. 

The Phase III trial monitored the effectiveness of NATESTOTM in over 300 men diagnosed with low testosterone in 39 outpatient centers across the U.S. The trial divided into two control groups: the first group of patients used NATESTOTM in both nostrils twice daily at an approximate dosage of 5.5 milligrams (mg) with double infusions (11 mg) in each nostril, while the second group of men also used NATESTOTM in both nostril three times daily with the same prescribed dosage. 

The patients studied continued treatment for 90 days for complete evaluation. Of the first group of men who used NATESTOTM twice daily, 71% were found to have testosterone levels in a normal, healthy range. Comparatively, 90% of the second group of men who used NATESTOTM three times daily experienced normal testosterone levels after using NATESTOTM

NATESTOTM reduces risk of transference

One of the immediate advantages of NATESTOTM nasal gel is reduced risk of transference commonly ascribed to topical testosterone treatment gels. Clinic study lead investigator Alan Rogol, MD, Ph.D., emphasized the importance of this change, “Intranasal testosterone minimizes the risk of unwanted secondary exposure of testosterone to women or children.” (Source: Newswise) This new treatment option is a welcome relief from any risk of topical exposure for partners, specifically pregnant women.

As promising as the NATESTOTM Phase III clinical results may be, there’s no guarantee of its success for every man, as with any drug. Testosterone replacement therapy involves a wide range of treatment options and Low T St. Louis works with men of all ages to identify and prescribe the best treatment for your body’s unique needs. 

If you feel you might be suffering from low testosterone, contact Low T St. Louis to schedule an appointment with one of our certified physicians. We can help you reclaim the life you want with the best treatment options available today.

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