Metabolic Accelerator Program

Switch gears and get in the fast lane

Mantality's Metabolic Accelerator Program

Embarking on the road to a happier and more powerful life is like a road trip – you can either take the slow lane, or you can jump on the fast lane.

$270 – 6 Week Program

The Accelerator Program

The Metabolic Accelerator program primes your body for optimal performance and weight loss using natural proteins, vitamins and herbs to help your body get rid toxins and induce weight loss – all while not suppressing your testosterone levels.

Faster Metabolism and Weight Loss

Phase 1 - Reset (2 Weeks)

Weight Loss Accelerator

Phase 1 is a 2-week program that replaces two meals with protein shakes while cleaning up your third meal (lunch or dinner) with lean, organic proteins and vegetables to help optimize your body for accelerated weight loss.

Metabolism Support and Maintenance

Phase 2 - Support (4 Weeks)

Metabolic Support

Phase 2 is a 4-week program that helps introduce fat burning materials back into the body. It helps accelerate your results that you deserve while putting in the hard work.

Reset and boost your body’s metabolism naturally.

Accelerate Your Results Today!

Mantality's Stress and Sleep Formulas

Hard work puts stress on your body and stress causes your sleep patterns to fall off. Getting proper rest and ensuring that your body isn’t storing cortisol (the stress hormone) are two of the most important factors in successful weight loss. That’s why Mantality Health created two unique products to help you control your sleep and stress levels.

Stress Recovery

Accelerator Add On – $30/Month

We live in a hyper-connected world where work is always within reach and at your fingertips. The demands of life can cause your body to produce cortisol which induces fat storage. The Stress Formula allows your body to reduce stress and in turn reduce fat storage.

Combined with Metabolic Accelerator

The Stress Formula works in conjunction with the Metabolic Accelerator by reducing cortisol levels so your body is not storing fat. Because the Accelerator primes the body, the Stress Formula helps keep body fat off from all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Combined with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy causes your body to gain more lean muscle which in turn helps raise your calorie expenditure helping to reduce body fat. In conjunction with our Stress Formula, you’re able to create a fat burning combination that helps you accelerate your goals.

Sleep Recovery

Accelerator Add On – $30/Month

Proper sleep is one of the most important factors to weight loss, recovery, and overall health. When you lose sleep, your body becomes stressed and goes into defense mode causing systems to slow down, including your fat loss. Our sleep formula allows you to fall into a deeper sleep helping your body recover, feel more energetic, and produce more natural testosterone levels.

Combined with Metabolic Accelerator

The Metabolic Accelerator helps your body develop an optimal state for fat loss by releasing toxins and helping to enhance weight loss. Mixed with optimal sleep, your body is in its highest fat burning and testosterone producing state.

Combined with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone levels and sleep go hand-in-hand. Falling into deep REM sleep allows the body to produce testosterone. The combination of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Sleep Formula allows your body to burn more fat.

Reset and boost your body’s metabolism naturally.

Accelerate Your Results Today!

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