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Lab Work for TRT

An easy way to ensure your health stays a priority.

Ensure your results are safe and effective

We require lab work starting as a New Patient as well as continuously throughout treatment. You can see what labs we offer by simply scrolling below.

E-Book: What Are Normal Testosterone Levels

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels?

Learn more about low testosterone symptoms and how you can help restore testosterone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Mantality Health

Starting testosterone replacement therapy with Mantality Health is easy, and convenient. Here’s what the game plan looks like:

Online Clinic Appointment with Physician

1. Book an Online Appointment

Book a convenient time to speak with one of our medical experts to determine if testosterone treatment is right for you.

Order At-Home Low Testosterone Blood Test Online

2. Get Your Blood Test

We will order a blood test to a local lab that our team will use to determine the best solution for you as well as to track your progress.

Board Certified Physicians and Experts in Low Testosterone Therapy

3. Follow Up Appointment

Follow up with one of our nurse practitioners to go over the results of your blood test and get a tailored treatment plan.

Buy Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online

4. Subscribe to Online TRT Delivery with Mantality

Simply Subscribe, choose your products online, and have them delivered month-to-month, right to your door.

Our Treatment Plans

Convenient and effective treatment delivered to your door, every month.

New Patient Labs

This gives us a look into your Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, and more.


Existing Patient Labs

While on TRT, we want to make sure that your body is responding well and staying healthy.


Add-On Labs

Add additional tests to take a deeper dive in to your health.  They can be added to New Patient and Existing.

$10 / Test

What do New Patient Labs Include?

Our New Patient lab work includes an extensive list of tests that ensure your qualification for TRT as well as your overall health prior to. Included in the labs are:

What do Existing Patient Labs Include?

Our Existing Patient lab work is done relative to what your dose falls at which can be between 8 and 12 weeks. Tests included in the labs are:

What options are available with Add-On Labs?

We’ve created a list of tests that are available with Add-On Labs which are added on to your existing New Patient or Existing Patient labs. The test options are:

Our lab work can be ordered online conveniently

Order your lab work online and have a lab req form sent to a local lab near you.

Once you have your labs completed, we will meet with you online to go over your results.

Trust Mantality with Your Health

Mantality Health follows an FDA approved treatment process for replacing your testosterone levels. Our medical professionals manage the entire process, ensuring that we keep your testosterone levels in the safe and normal range.

With board certified physicians and FDA approved treatment methods that go above and beyond the Endocrine Society guidelines – your health is our highest priority.

We’ve helped thousands of men across the U.S. feel better and live better, using over 30 years of combined experience in the testosterone industry.

Helping Men Live Happier, Healthier Lives

Hear from real Mantality Health members who have changed their lives for the better by subscribing online to convenient monthly testosterone therapy!

Jason's Success Story

“I was performing TRT at a competitor, and while they were okay, they weren’t as detailed as Mantality. These guys really know their stuff… They make sure that EVERYTHING is okay, not just my testosterone levels, and the blood work shows it.”

Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better.

Get your life back with Mantality.

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E-Book: What Are Normal Testosterone Levels

Normal Testosterone Levels and How to Manage Them

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