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Running out of “YOU”? Can you get to what you care about?

Everyone has things we are passionate about.  Finding time to devote to those activities or people can be challenging; however, when we do it does something for us.  It makes us feel like we make a difference . . . like we matter.

We have had the privilege of working with the Parkway SPARK! program where young entrepreneurs are connected with mentors to help them bring their ideas to market.  Click here to read the article in the St Louis Post Dispatch.


We at Low T St. Louis love what we do, fix testosterone.  Wee are helping guys have enough energy, focus, and stamina to take on life.  What they do with that life is their choice . . . but for some men. . . that choice is made for them.  There just isn’t enough stamina / energy / and drive to get through their day . . . they just run out of “them”.

Men who are in the unfortunate position of dealing with to the effects of low testosterone in their life know this feeling all too well.  The kids want you off the coach to play outside, the “honey-do” list is never touched, and your “bear like” personality does not feel welcome in your own home.  Low testosterone, or Low T,  causes decreased energy, moodiness, weight gain, and decreased muscle mass.  In short, men with Low T barely have the energy to get through the day, then again to give the extra effort to those things they care about outside their own four walls.


If your life is bigger than your capacity . . . do something about it.  If you do a 360 degree view of your life, you can quickly measure your results.  Are you where we want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually?  What do you care about?  Is your family what and where you want it?  Are you the influence in your kids lives or are you dismissed?  Are you taking care of your obligations with enough “you” to get to those things you care about?

If not, let us expand your personal capacity.  Your personal capacity meaning expanding your:




Low T St. Louis treats the underlying cause of these symptoms.  We  will screen you for medical causes for:  putting on weight, depression, poor concentration issues, decreased libido, and lack of drive.  We are a full service medical clinic that can accurately diagnose your underlying condition.  If you have low testosterone, or Low T, we can restore hormone balance and optimize your hormones.  Men with optimal hormone balance can and do perform at a higher level.  We believe every man deserves to function at his optimal level.


As a resource, we have published a free ebook, that outlines the signs of low testosterone, safe diagnosis, and how to make sure it is monitored accurately for optimal results.  It is available for instant download to use with your doctor to ensure you are getting the safe and effective care you deserve.

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