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Men seek our care for the treatment of low T; however, the symptoms they are experiencing are:

  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Decreased Mental Focus
  • Poor Sleep
  • Decreased Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction (In some cases)

These symptoms many times make them feel like a shadow of who they want to be and oftentimes affects their relationship or marriage.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is, commonly known as TRT, is the medical name for treating hypogonadism. Using pharmaceutical grade medication compounded in the United States and treated by licensed practitioners.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is 100% legal because it is managed by a licensed medical provider. When TRT becomes illegal is when testosterone is prescribed without being seen in-person by the prescribing provider. In short, it is illegal to receive medication from a provider through 100% telemedicine.

We have developed a system that abides by all rules in the states we are licensed in. By visiting one of our offices one time, the remaining portion of treatment is done via telemedicine. It saves you time, it saves you money, and it’s convenient.

Safety is always the first thought in mind for any of our staff members. TRT with Mantality Direct is managed by licensed physicians and medical providers that are trained in treating hormone imbalance.

Most issues arise in TRT when it is administered incorrectly or illegally. With consistent monitoring and safe usage, we have developed a formula for optimization.

It always depends on the patient and their pain tolerance. The shots are intramuscular and, for most patients, are not painful.

We generally treat men that are 30 years or older who have specific, diagnosed health concerns and low lab values. We require our patients to have a primary care doctor who will assess their overall health.

NO – This is a common myth related to testosterone. Men who have their testosterone levels driven up to 2-3 times the normal range can experience anger and irritability. In the case of our clients, the opposite is true. Depression and irritability are symptoms of Low T. When we return the testosterone levels to normal, our clients report they are much less irritable, their outlook improves, and they are upbeat.

NO – When testosterone levels drop, the libido drops which is the interest in sex. As testosterone levels are returned to normal, so will the sex drive and desire. It will not activate the libido into a hyper-sexual state, but will return the desire to a normal healthy level.

Low testosterone can contribute to erectile dysfunction; however, there can be other issues causing ED. We have a full ED treatment program for our clients that have both Low T as well as ED. Our medication to treat ED are safe regardless of health history and are effective in 90% of our patients.

We use a prescription grade product that many men use for various things outside of ED. Most men that take this use it as a vasodilator (what the medication is made for) which can increase their workout intensity as well as recovery time in the workout. Additionally, we use this medicine to test the integrity of the blood vessel system which can tell us what could be causing other issues.

See what the wives of current clients have to say...

Are you feeling frustrated all of the time, fatigued or even just down in the dumps? Our women’s program with ReVital Women’s Clinic offers free consultations to help you find out what has you feeling off.

What about me? Is there a program similar to this for women?

YES – many women are thrilled to have their partner “back”; however, some suffer with similar issues in silence and even feel left behind as their partner accelerates. We offer similar services run by understanding female nurses and physicians that is 100% dedicated to helping women with hormone imbalance. When hormone imbalance begins, women can feel:

  • Weight Gain, Increased Water Retention
  • Inability to Lose Weight
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased Libido
  • FSD – Female Sexual Dysfunction

We offer free private consultations as well!

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