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Testosterone Helps Guys “Get It”

Getting Started

Finally, a convenient and effective treatment solution.

Take Back Control of Your Health

Reclaim your health, energy and drive. Feel better faster and experience what it means to take back control.

The Game Plan

Effective treatment requires a plan. Here’s our proven system that ensures you get the results that you need.

Online Clinic Appointment with Physician

1. Schedule an Online Appointment

Book a convenient time to speak with one of our medical experts to determine if testosterone treatment is right for you.
Order At-Home Low Testosterone Blood Test Online

2. Get Your Free Test

Get a free free blood test shipped to your door that our team will use to determine the best solution for you as well as to track your progress.
Buy Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online

3. Choose a Treatment Plan

Simply Subscribe, choose your products online, and have them delivered month-to-month, right to your door.

Our Treatment Plans

Convenient and effective treatment delivered to your door, every month.

Standard Treatment

High-quality monthly testosterone treatment

$140 / Month

Standard Treatment

High-quality monthly testosterone treatment

$150 / Month

($420 for first month)

Why Choose Mantality Health?

We take your time and health seriously. We deliver the safest and most effective medicine to your door, every month, so you can focus on giving back to your family, business, and community.

Your subscription includes:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy by Mantality Health

Un-Matched Products

The secret to our treatment success lies in the quality of our products and our medical experts. Download our brochure and find out why Mantality Health’s products are truly one of a kind.

Helping Men Live Happier, Healthier Lives

Hear from real Mantality Health members who have changed their lives for the better by subscribing to convenient monthly treatment!

Peter's Success Story

Before joining Mantality Health, Peter was overweight, had low energy, and was feeling depressed, stressed and unmotivated.

The Treatment You Deserve to Take On Life

Create your own success story. Be the best father, son, brother, business owner, first responder, employee, man… you can be.

Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better.

Become a Mantality Member today.

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About Mantality Direct

Mantality Direct introduces overall wellness to men’s lives by performing testosterone replacement therapy on men who qualify all in the comfort of your home.

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Our Mission

Helping men live more powerful lives.

Our Vision

Give men back the drive to compete and win in their lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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